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Within this website, you will now have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to commonly requested forms, useful highlighted links, frequently asked questions regarding benefits, and secure access to your personal benefit information.

Access to the Benefit Office...

Our office has opened back up to members! We highly encourage those members visiting our office to wear a mask even if vaccinated, but social distancing is still in effect in our office and our staff will continue to wear a mask while interacting with you. 

You may also utilize this website to obtain all necessary documents for your benefits and you can obtain all of your personal benefit information through the Participant Portal (icon at the top of this page).

Virtual consultation are still available with your pension coordinator, eligibility coordinator or employer remittance specialist. Call (754) 777-7735 to schedule your virtual consultation. During this virtual consultation, your coordinator will be able to address your needs, concerns, questions and even visually assist you in completing your forms. 

You can continue to call the Benefit Office at (754) 777-7735 to speak with a coordinator or specialist, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

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2022 DC Elective Contributions

Active participants in the Defined Contribution Fund can add to their retirement nest egg by electing to have additional contributions made on your behalf for hours you are paid during 2022.

You may elect a contribution amount with a maximum of $20,500 contributed in 2022 and if you are 50 or older, you can also elect to have a "catch-up" contribution amount with a maximum of $6,500 contributed in 2022.

With this election, you would be committed to having elective contributions deducted from your gross pay for the entire calendar year, so you will want to consult with your financial/tax advisor prior to making an election.

Election period is from October 1st to November 30th.

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Join the Better You Team for a live webinar to discuss the nutrition guidelines for cancer prevention to help reduce your cancer risk with your food choices. There isn't a single food or food component that can protect you from cancer by itself. But there is strong evidence that a diet filled with a variety of plant foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans can lower the risk for many cancers. You'll get some tasty recipes too!

Florida Blue is offering this webinar two different dates and times, so click on the date and time that works best for you to register. Please open and save the calendar invite from your confirmation email with your unique link to join so it's easy to attend.

                                Tuesday, October 12th @ 1:00 pm                 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

                                Wednesday, October 13th @ 5:00 pm            CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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Participant Portal

Your participant portal has been updated with new features!

You can now change your address directly on the portal or you can update your beneficiaries.

If you are a pensioner, you can change your bank information on your direct deposit.

If you need to send us important personal documents such as a birth certificate for a new born or a marriage certificate for your new spouse, you can now upload those documents securely through the participant portal.

Log in today and check out the new enhancements!

                                         PARTICIPANT PORTAL

More enhancements are coming, stay tuned!

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Accesible via Mobile Devices

You can also use our Text-to-Mobile feature by creating a new text message* on your smartphone. Type 258311 in the "TO" or "Recipients" field, then type BLUE 1024 in the "Message" field and press send. (make sure you leave a space between the word BLUE and the number)


You will then receive a text message reply with a link you can click on to open your digital education kit.


*Standard text messaging rates apply based on your plan and your carrier. 

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Have you registered for the new & exciting service from the Health Fund?

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Rightway is a service we sponsor that makes healthcare simpler for you. With Rightway, you have a dedicated (real, live) health guide who can do all of the doctor-finding, appointment-making, and price-comparing for you through a simple-to-use-app. Your health guide is there to answer all of your healthcare questions, no matter how big or how small. You can use Rightway for free. Your account is ready to go, just follow the steps below to get started.

1. Activate your Rightway account.
    Download the Rightway app in the Apple App Store or get it on      Google Play.



2. Connect with your health guide through the Rightway app to…
    ○ Find the best doctor and book your appointment.
    ○ Review your symptoms and figure out next steps.
    ○ Create a tailored care plan for ongoing conditions.
    ○ Get upfront pricing on your medical and dental visits.


3. Use Rightway for everything healthcare.
     ○ Not sure what’s covered? Your health guide can answer your            health insurance questions.
     ○ Unexpected bill? Rightway can explain it and even dispute             charges on your behalf.
     ○ Have a different question? Your guide is a healthcare expert           who is dedicated to helping you find answers.


For more on Rightway, click the video below

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Special Information Regarding Families First Coronavirus Response Act & Your Health Coverage

COVID-19 Information from the CDC

Employer Remittance Made Easier.....

Our contributing employers can easily & securely remit their weekly or monthly fringe benefit contribution on our electronic remittance portal. 

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Participant Portal

You can now view your personal benefit information, easily & securely with our Participant Portal. Any time, Any day!


Information is updated frequently

You can now change your address, update your beneficiaries or change your bank information for a direct deposit on the portal. No need to mail a form to our office!

You can now also upload documents such as a birth certificate or marriage license.

New Home Owners

New Home

Keep the Fund Office up to date with your new address, so you don't miss important mailings!

You can also change your address on the participant portal, log in today!

Wedding with Masks

Just got married?

Contact the Fund Office to add your spouse to coverage

The Health Fund's

Annual Family Statement

In order to ensure that the MCASF Local 725 Health & Welfare Plan has up-to-date information on you and your family members, the Plan requires that you complete and return the Annual Family Statement.

The Health Plan may need to send you important information regarding the plan, or to ensure that your benefits are being paid, so please complete all sections of the statement including your phone and email address.

Please ensure that the Health Fund has received your annual statement as this may effect your health coverage. All statements were due by November 30th, failure to submit will result in suspension of coverage and payment of claims so get yours in today!

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