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The Board of Trustees of MCASF Local 725 Pension Trust Fund is pleased to welcome you to the Pension website. Within this website, you will have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to commonly requested forms, useful highlighted links, and frequently asked questions regarding your benefit information.
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About The Pension Fund

The MCASF Local 725 Pension Trust Fund is a defined benefit pension plan. The Plan most recently was amended and restated, effective January 1, 2015, and subsequently was amended from time to time to make necessary and desirable changes.

The Plan is managed by a Board of Trustees comprised of both Local Union 725 and MCASF representatives. This site provides Participants with online access to complete information about your Pension Plan.

You should file a Pension Application well in advance of the date you expect to retire. You may request an Application from the Benefit Office, as well as seek assistance during the application process. Early filing will help you to avoid a delay in the processing of your application and the payment of benefits.

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A New Plan Document

The Board of Trustees are pleased to announce the arrival of a new
Summary Plan Description, effective July 1, 2021.
This document provides you with the most up to date summary of plan provisions of the MCASF Local 725 Pension Trust Fund.

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Data Breach that may affect you

The MCASF Local 725 Pension Fund is providing our members with notification regarding a data breach at vendor of the Fund that may affect your personal information.


Regarding your Pension benefits, eligibility and accrued value, please contact the Benefit Office at (754) 777 - 7735


You can find frequently asked questions regarding the Pension Fund and popular documents such as an application,             direct deposit form and more.

Click on the links below!

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Participant Portal


You can now view your personal pension benefit information, securely and easily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Right from computer  or even your phone.

In additional to pension information, you can also view your health and defined contribution benefits as well as work hours and dependent info.

You can now also do an address changes, beneficiary elections and upload your personal documents


Did you get a new bank account?

If you are receiving a monthly pension benefit and you recently changed your bank account, you need to update your direct deposit information with the Fund Office to ensure your next pension check gets deposited correctly. You can update your information directly in your participant portal or you can download the form and mail it to the Fund Office.

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Helpful Pension Links


Your Link to AARP


Your Link to Social Security Administration


Your Link to the IRS

Veteran's Affairs

Your Link to Veterans Affairs

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp

Your Link to the PBGC

Federal Tax Withholding

Your monthly pension benefit is a taxable income, please check with your tax advisor regarding what you may need to have withheld from your monthly benefit. You can change your tax withholding anytime, we have W-4P forms available at the Benefit Office as well as on this website.

Once you complete your new withholding, you can securely send  us that form by uploading it on your participant portal. Click on the icon at the top of this page to access your portal.